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Illegal racing in Virginia can lead to reckless driving charges

There are many dangerous traffic offenses that can lead to various penalties. Speeding and reckless driving are two behaviors behind the wheel that can spark penalties. When they are used in combination and a person is accused of taking part in an illegal race, it can negatively impact the driver's life in myriad ways. Although it is known to be illegal to race, that does not automatically mean that a person accused is guilty. It is crucial to have a defense against these allegations.

What are the penalties for fleeing a traffic stop in Virginia?

Being subjected to a traffic stop in Virginia can be a worrisome experience. Still, fleeing law enforcement during a traffic stop will likely make any situation worse. For those who are facing charges for fleeing, it is important to understand what the law says and what the penalties might be, so that a coherent defense can be formulated.

Driver charged with hit-and-run after hitting bicyclist

When there is an auto accident in Virginia, drivers are expected to remain at the scene and call for medical assistance if necessary. Some, however, will not do that. Whether it is because they are fearful of the aftermath or have other concerns, they might decide to flee. Once law enforcement discovers what happened, charges for a traffic violation can occur. People can face a variety of penalties for traffic offenses, and having a strong legal defense is important to avoid the worst of them.

Virginia police presence increases over Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for travelers in Virginia who may be headed to parties, the beach, parades and other festivities. These travelers may have noticed, however, an increase in police presence on Virginia's streets this past holiday weekend. And, these officers are keeping an eye out for those who commit traffic offenses.

Bill makes cellphone use in work zones a traffic offense

It is truly amazing how far cellphone technology has come. We can now use our cellphones to make phone calls, send text messages and emails, use navigation apps, take photos, play music and more. Of course, using a cellphone while driving can be distracting and can lead to reckless driving and motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, to a certain extent, cellphone use while driving can be considered a traffic offense.

Speed cameras might soon be seen in Virginia work zones

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety over 130 communities across the nation have implemented speed camera initiatives and 422 communities across the nation utilize red-light cameras to enforce traffic laws and reduce reckless driving. Virginia has traditionally been slow to implement such technologies, but that may soon change if a certain piece of legislation is signed into law.

Traffic offenses should not be taken lightly

It is certainly inconvenient to be pulled over by police for a traffic infraction, but it may not seem like a big deal. Many people in Virginia may assume that if they commit a traffic offense, they will simply pay a fine and be on their way. However, traffic violations can result in long-term issues that affect a person well after the incident occurs.

Fleeing the scene of a traffic accident is a criminal offense

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary thing. It may be tempting, in the aftermath of a crash, to flee. However, motorists in Virginia who cause a car crash have certain legal responsibilities, and could be criminally charged if they flee, resulting in a hit-and-run crash.

Reckless driving in Virginia may be more serious than you think

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the busiest traffic periods of the year in Virginia and nationwide. While most people will abide by the rules of the road, this will not stop police from being on high alert for those they believe are committing traffic offenses, particularly reckless driving. And, reckless driving can encompass actions that motorists may not initially consider to be very serious.

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