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Two people face firearms charges after incident outside store

A great deal of attention is paid to gun issues today. Firearms charges can be serious if the weapon is discharged. When injuries and death result from the use of firearms, it is even worse. Often, people have other criminal accusations as part of the gun charges. It is unfortunate that weapons incidents happen so frequently, but, when they happen, it is wise for those who are arrested to understand the charges they are facing and prepare their case with a strong legal advocate.

Build the right criminal defense when accused of a violent crime

Being human, we all have human emotions and responses to our environment. Anger, frustration, and confusion are all emotions that can trigger a person to become violent. However, bringing violent acts upon another person can have legal repercussions. That's what you or a loved one might be facing if accused of a violent crime.

Virginia man charged with murder in shooting incident

There are many circumstances that could lead to a person's death. Sometimes a person dies in an accident, after an illness or simply due to old age. Other times, however, interactions between two individuals can go south and in extreme circumstances one person is accused of killing another. When this happens, a person in Virginia could be accused of committing the violent crime of first-degree murder.

What types of murder does Virginia law recognize?

When a person in Virginia is accused of murder, it is important that they understand exactly what they are facing. This is because, of all violent crimes, homicide may be considered by many to be the most serious, and thus, the most severely punished. However, under Virginia Code, there are different degrees of murder.

What is the difference between assault and battery?

Most people in Virginia will get into arguments from time to time. These arguments may take place between friends or relatives, or they may involve complete strangers. Usually, these arguments only involve words hurled at one another, and nothing more. However, other times an argument can escalate into threats of physical violence or an actual physical attack. When this happens a person in Virginia might be charged with assault or battery.

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