Netradyne, the artificial intelligence firm, commissioned an online survey in early 2020 to shed some light on trends in distracted driving. Perhaps you were injured because of a distracted driver in Virginia, or perhaps you become distracted yourself despite certain efforts. The results of the survey may be of interest.

The consequences of distracted driving

The survey, which involved 1,248 passenger vehicle drivers who use a vehicle at least once a week, found that the most common distraction was drinking liquids. Many would not think this counts, but the fact is that anything that takes the eyes or mind off the road, or the hands off the steering wheel, is a distraction. However, drinking is not the most dangerous; social media use is.

Among respondents, 20% admitted that as a result of distracted driving, they had been fined or received points on their license sometime in the past. One in seven even confessed to being in a crash where they suffered physical injuries and/or damaged their vehicle beyond repair.

Most drivers regard others as unsafe

The ironic thing was that 91% of respondents considered themselves safe drivers and that over half believe their driving could not possibly improve. Drivers were quick to point to others, especially commercial truckers, as unsafe, and 82% were concerned that distractions were becoming widespread.

When you are injured through negligence

Most motor vehicle crashes involve negligence like distracted, drowsy or drunk driving. Sometimes, both parties in a two-car crash share the fault. As the victim of a crash, you should know that Virginia follows a pure contributory negligence rule, which means you won’t recover damages unless the defendant was 100% at fault. It can be hard to argue a case with this rule, so you may want legal assistance at every step.