Virginia residents who cannot afford a newer vehicle should nonetheless be aware that their current vehicle may lack certain key safety features. A study from an injury research center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia has found out what age groups in particular tend to drive older vehicles: First are teens, and second are adults 65 and older.


The danger of older vehicles


Ironically, it’s these two age groups that run the highest risk for a car accident to begin with. In fact, adults 65 and older see the highest fatality rate of any other age group. Researchers state that older vehicles are dangerous because they lack electronic stability control and side-impact airbags, including curtain airbags.


Researchers based their conclusions on an analysis of car crashes that occurred in New Jersey between 2010 and 2017. Using each vehicle’s VIN, they determined whether a given vehicle had ESC and side airbags. ESC is especially critical in preventing accidents because it keeps drivers in control when traveling through sharp curves and on slippery roads.


Older cars mostly in lower-income neighborhoods


All age groups tend to own older vehicles if they hail from lower-income neighborhoods. On average, lower-income teens drive vehicles that are twice the age of vehicles driven by higher-income teens. Researchers note, however, that many safe vehicles can be purchased for less than $7,000.


Filing your claim with legal assistance


Whatever the age of your vehicle or the extent of your income, you can file a personal injury claim if you were harmed through another’s negligence. Virginia follows the strict rule of pure contributory negligence, which bars anyone from recovering damages who contributes so much as 1% to a crash, so you may want a lawyer to thoroughly assess your case. If the case holds up, you may leave it to the lawyer to negotiate.