Some drivers may assume they are more likely to have an accident on city roads in Virginia than in rural areas, but this is actually not the case. Rural roads can be more dangerous than city ones for a number of reasons.

First, there is more wildlife in rural areas, and this increases the likelihood of hitting an animal and having an accident. Narrower, two-lane roads can be less safe, particularly if someone needs to pass. The lack of streetlights on most rural roads can reduce visibility at night.

Some of the dangers are related to people feeling a false sense of security on rural roads. For example, a person might be more likely to drink and drive, assuming the roads will be largely empty. People might engage in other reckless behaviors for the same reason, such as speeding and being careless about what lane they are in. They may not wear seat belts. Finally, if an accident does happen, medical help could be delayed.

When a motor vehicle accident does occur, it is important to establish who was responsible for it. This is because if one person is injured, the driver responsible may be required to pay compensation to the victim. Compensation could cover a number of costs, including the person’s medical expenses. Some people may be seriously injured and could have a long recovery time in which they are unable to work. The person might never return to work in some cases. If the responsible driver is underinsured or the insurance company simply refuses to pay an adequate amount for compensation, the injured person might want to file a lawsuit. An attorney may help in negotiations with the insurance company and with a civil suit if necessary. The case could also be settled out of court.