A great deal of attention is paid to gun issues today. Firearms charges can be serious if the weapon is discharged. When injuries and death result from the use of firearms, it is even worse. Often, people have other criminal accusations as part of the gun charges. It is unfortunate that weapons incidents happen so frequently, but, when they happen, it is wise for those who are arrested to understand the charges they are facing and prepare their case with a strong legal advocate.

A confrontation outside a Target store led to shots being fired and the arrests of two people. According to the police investigation, a man and woman had a verbal dispute. The woman allegedly fired shots at the man, but no one was injured. The man was arrested for marijuana possession and the intent to distribute. The woman was also charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. In addition, she is confronted with gun charges and for firing the weapon. The investigation is continuing.

Violent crimes can happen for many reasons. There might have been a justification for using a firearm for protection. Or, a situation could have escalated out of control and people might have made the mistake of using a weapon. To avoid the worst possible consequences, it is important to consider all the alternatives when crafting a defense. Having legal help can be a foundational part of a defense.

Those facing gun charges should contact a law firm with experience in firearms charges to help.