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December 2019 Archives

Illegal racing in Virginia can lead to reckless driving charges

There are many dangerous traffic offenses that can lead to various penalties. Speeding and reckless driving are two behaviors behind the wheel that can spark penalties. When they are used in combination and a person is accused of taking part in an illegal race, it can negatively impact the driver's life in myriad ways. Although it is known to be illegal to race, that does not automatically mean that a person accused is guilty. It is crucial to have a defense against these allegations.

Two people face firearms charges after incident outside store

A great deal of attention is paid to gun issues today. Firearms charges can be serious if the weapon is discharged. When injuries and death result from the use of firearms, it is even worse. Often, people have other criminal accusations as part of the gun charges. It is unfortunate that weapons incidents happen so frequently, but, when they happen, it is wise for those who are arrested to understand the charges they are facing and prepare their case with a strong legal advocate.

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