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What are the penalties for fleeing a traffic stop in Virginia?

Being subjected to a traffic stop in Virginia can be a worrisome experience. Still, fleeing law enforcement during a traffic stop will likely make any situation worse. For those who are facing charges for fleeing, it is important to understand what the law says and what the penalties might be, so that a coherent defense can be formulated.

Breath tests for a DUI investigation could be flawed

For Virginians and people across the United States, there may be an automatic mental link between a drunk driving charge and a breath test. This is generally known to be a basic part of an investigation. After a law enforcement officer makes a traffic stop for a potential DUI, one of the foundational parts of the case will be the breath test. This is used to determine the blood-alcohol content of the driver and can be a significant piece of evidence as the case moves forward. Many, however, do not even consider the possibility that the test results could be inaccurate. Now, this issue is garnering scrutiny and could be part of a defense against DUI charges.

Causing injury in a drunk driving accident

Most Virginians have a basic understanding of the laws related to driving under the influence. A conviction for DUI will lead to various penalties, including the possibility of jail time, fines, a driver's license suspension and more. The circumstances and outcome of the DUI incident will also impact the charges.

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