Being human, we all have human emotions and responses to our environment. Anger, frustration, and confusion are all emotions that can trigger a person to become violent. However, bringing violent acts upon another person can have legal repercussions. That’s what you or a loved one might be facing if accused of a violent crime.

The truth is, the criminal charge likely doesn’t tell the whole story. Almost always, there are circumstances that surrounded the incident that need to be brought to light. It’s within a person’s constitutional rights to defend themselves against criminal charges. Building the right criminal defense is about weighing all the factors and deciding on the strongest criminal defense strategy based on those factors.

At CraigWilliams, PLC we know a thing or two about defending against violent crimes. We strive to represent our clients in the best possible way. There are several paths that one could take when accused of a violent crime in terms of building a criminal defense. Our legal staff is here to guide and help you to the best and most advantageous criminal defense strategy against these allegations.

It’s not easy to hear that you or a loved one has been accused of a violent crime. However, accusations are not an indicator of guilt. Every person is entitled to their day in court to defend themselves against such things. After due process has been served can a determination be made as to whether a person is guilty or not guilty. Seeking an experienced attorney can be helpful for those facing these situations.