Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for travelers in Virginia who may be headed to parties, the beach, parades and other festivities. These travelers may have noticed, however, an increase in police presence on Virginia’s streets this past holiday weekend. And, these officers are keeping an eye out for those who commit traffic offenses.

On Memorial Day weekend 2018, 8,673 individuals received citations for speeding and 2,704 individuals received citations for reckless driving. In addition, 122 individuals were arrested for driving under the influence, 218 individuals received citations for failing to have a child in an appropriate safety seat and 856 individuals received citations for not wearing their seat belt.

According to the Virginia State Police, Virginia will see over 1 million motorists over the course of the Memorial Day weekend. This means that more people than usual may be cited for traffic offenses. These citations might not seem too bad at first, but they could have a long-lasting negative effect on your life. For example, a person may have to pay a fine and points will be put on their driver’s license. If a person accumulates too many points on their license, they could lose their driver’s license or even face jail time.

It is important that motorists drive safe all times of the year, including holiday weekends. However, sometimes a person might receive a traffic citation that they feel is unwarranted or unfair. It is possible to challenge these tickets in court, but without professional guidance, doing so can be difficult. Therefore, those who have been cited for a traffic offense may want to seek the advice of an attorney before heading to court.