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Virginia police presence increases over Memorial Day weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a popular time for travelers in Virginia who may be headed to parties, the beach, parades and other festivities. These travelers may have noticed, however, an increase in police presence on Virginia's streets this past holiday weekend. And, these officers are keeping an eye out for those who commit traffic offenses.

The hidden consequences of accepting plea deals

Every day, the news floods us with examples of people pleading guilty to crimes, but if they could potentially win a not guilty verdict in trial, why would they plead guilty? This is because the United States criminal justice system works in such a way that prosecutors make plea bargains seem like attractive options.

Can you get a DUI if your BAC is below the legal limit?

Spring is here and many people in Virginia are looking forward to being able to spend time outdoors, especially once summer rolls around. Many people will have a drink or two at a barbecue, a wedding or a holiday celebration. These people may feel safe to drive, especially if they believe that their blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is below the legal limit. However, even if a person's BAC is below the legal limit, it may still be possible for a person to be charged with driving under the influence.

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