There are many circumstances that could lead to a person’s death. Sometimes a person dies in an accident, after an illness or simply due to old age. Other times, however, interactions between two individuals can go south and in extreme circumstances one person is accused of killing another. When this happens, a person in Virginia could be accused of committing the violent crime of first-degree murder.

A Virginia man is facing charges of murder in the first degree following a shooting that occurred on March 6. Two men were apparently involved in the incident. Both men were found by police suffering from gunshot wounds.

One of the men died at the scene of the incident. The other man was transported to an area medical center. Police allege that the two men had argued and that the accused shot the other man and then shot himself. He is currently awaiting an extradition hearing.

The facts of this incident will continue to unfold, but first-degree murder charges in Virginia are incredibly serious. Capital murder aside, in Virginia a person commits first-degree murder if they willfully, deliberately and with premeditation kill another person. First-degree murder also constitutes a killing wherein a person is poisoned, starved, imprisoned or a killing that is committed through lying in wait.

It is important that those accused of first-degree murder in Virginia understand the elements of the charges they face. There may be defenses or evidence they could use in their favor, and of course, everyone in America is presumed to be innocent until proven guilty. Thus, if the prosecution cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime, the accused cannot be found guilty.