Fighting To Protect Your Rights

Charged with a crime? Have reason to believe you're under investigation for a crime? If so, everything you hold dear is on the line. This includes your freedom, your rights, your livelihood and your personal reputation. Everything.

Who can you trust to take your defense as seriously as you do and fight for the result you deserve? In Louisa County and throughout Central Virginia, you can trust the lawyers at the CraigWilliams, PLC.

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We're Not Looking To Make A Deal

When you're facing a criminal conviction, we will settle for nothing less than the best possible outcome. Our reputation precedes us, and the prosecution knows we will be prepared to go to trial and fight in the courtroom. This helps us obtain the best possible offer as we consider the defense options available to you.

We have taken hundreds of cases to trial, including those involving criminal charges such as assault and battery, stealing and property crimes, drug offenses, and cybercrimes.

We'll Fight For Your Right To Bear Arms

Any felony or domestic violence conviction in Virginia will result in the loss of your gun rights. The restoration of gun rights is a cumbersome process that cannot occur until your civil rights (voting rights, ability to hold office, etc.) have been restored. This is yet another reason we will go to the mat to protect you from a criminal conviction.

Fight Back Against Criminal Charges

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